An 8-Minute Guide to Non-Fungible Tokens

If you follow the news in the cryptocurrency markets, the broader financial markets or just watched Saturday Night Live last night, you have heard about NFTs. And, like I was, you might be a little confused about them.

There is a LOT of hype going on right now. This can…

Gabriel Guerra Bianchini

“My Eden” by Gabriel Guerra Bianchini. Owned by Foundation-Market-Contract. Link

“I see a bright future for NFTs. It will help people in countries like mine to find freedom and allow them to dream beyond their limitations.” — Gabriel Guerra Bianchini

NFTs have become a household word in 2021, and we can thank artists for that. The explosion of this phenomenon…

Alexandre Lores

NFT Analyst for Quantum Economics. Founder of I code in Python and write about Bitcoin, Crypto and finance.

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